Child Molester Steve Korch

Steve Korch


In 1975, I molested a child and got away with it. I've spent my entire professional career covering it up and threatening people from speaking. Read more in my bio page.


Steve Korch Confronted:

Video of Korch being confronted by his victim.

Steve Korch on youtube
Alternative video can be viewed here.


04/24/02 Jane Doe confronts Steve Korch concerning the child molestation. [ PDF ] (434 KB)
04/24/02 Steve Korch responses to Jane Doe regarding his child molestation of her. [ PDF ] (477 KB)
06/01/05 Jane Doe statement concerning the molestation she received by Steve Korch. [ PDF ] (3.3 MB)
06/02/16 Abridged Victim Impact Statement, Regarding the Government Corruption and Educational Fraud Centered at Western Seminary. [ PDF ] (1.1 MB)
02/02/17 Statement to Jim Sawyer, Roy Low, Tom/Kathrine McEnroe, & David Eckman. [ PDF ] (67 KB)
02/15/17 Statement to Bard Marshall and Faith Baptist Church in Lincoln City. [ PDF ] (355 KB)
04/30/17 CV First Baptist Church, Castro Valley statement regarding Steve Korch. [ PDF ] (91 KB)
05/03/17 Statement to leadership of Castro Valley First regarding Steve Korch. [ PDF ] (161 KB)
05/03/17 Statement to Steve Korch. [ PDF ] (60 KB)

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